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Design by Raf Reyes: the world is ours plain and simply. That’s been veryrare’s mentality since day 1 and it ain’t gon’ change anytime. Wear this VERYRARE™ statement piece out like an armor, on with the tiger 🐯 energy, tony montana style. Summer vibes all the way baby! 🌴… palms, wavy animalz and artsy (digitally inked paint) brushes, strokes on a luxurious luscious viscose fabric… what is there to say… but “say hi to my little friend‼️‼️‼️


Mixed media collage on garment. Mixed media collage on garment. Digital to analog layering of 7+ visuals total (patterned prints/all-throughout motif, embroidery, patches…). Short-sleeved hawaiian shirt, hand-sewn with a classic profile + collar 🌺. Relaxed|boxy fit, bio washed. Summerish 130 gsm premium viscose fabric (semi-synthetic type of rayon fabric //a silk substitute, as it has a similar drape and smooth feel to the luxury material) — made with a super combed wood pulp blend to achieve the softest handfeel producible. VERYRARE™ logo embroidered on collar. Red hand-poured enamel-coated silver-contour’d buttons. VR⁽ᴿ⁾⁽ᴿ⁾ ‘Zeppelin’ embroidery on pocket. 1600 stitches [all embroideries] total. Interior label sewn specially to leave no stitch marks at the back.

Named and numbered with each garment serial+drop no° purposely limited to 21 — in line with our VERYRARE™ ’quattromotto’: quality, rarity, singularity & sustainability.

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