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About Us

Welcome to ODDS Atelier, a distinctive streetwear brand and store established in 2019. Our downtown Memphis store serves as a hub for premium streetwear goods and innovative designs, as well as an interactive community space with multiple levels for events.

At O.D.D.S., we abide by the principle of Only Do[ing] Dope Shit, a core value that inspired us to create SwapMeet U.S.A, our in-house ready-to-wear brand, and ODDS Clothing, our luxury label. Our fashion philosophy prioritizes quality, comfort, functionality, and eye-catching appeal.

We are proud to be a brand created by the people, for the people, and we embrace this ethos wholeheartedly. Our slogans "The People's Streetwear Store" and "In a World Full of Clones it's Okay to be ODD" encapsulate our values. Thank you for being a part of our society and journey.